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Thank you for submitting your 2021 Hall of Fame Nomination Form!

To complete your nomination, you MUST submit supporting documentation to us via email at Below are the instructions for the information that must be included in your email. (WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PRINTED APPLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTATION)

*All documentation should be in PDF format except the HIGH-QUALITY  JPG headshot

*Nominations that exceed the maximum pages WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Subject Line:

HOF- (Nominees Name)


OCCSW Women's Hall of Fame - Final Files

Required Supporting Documentation:


Body of Email:

Must include:

  • Nominator's Name

  • Nominee's Name

  • The 2 categories being considered for as listed on the nomination form.


1. Nominee Biography

Provide biographical information on the nominee, NOT to exceed more than two pages/600 words per page max.

2. Summary of Qualifications

Provide information on the nominee's specific qualifications for the Hall of Fame, not to exceed two pages. Please address how your qualifications in any of the areas below (AS THEY ARE RELATED TO OKALOOSA COUNTY), relate to one or both of the categories you have selected on your nomination form.

  1. PROFESSIONAL/BUSINESS QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS: (e.g., starting a business/success in your career/any certifications received, awards received, etc.)​

  2. VOLUNTEER/COMMUNITY SERVICE: (e.g., work with local charities or churches)

  3. WOMAN-SPECIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS: (e.g., volunteer time/professional services provided to organizations that serve women and/or address women's issues IN OKALOOSA COUNTY)

  4. INVOLVEMENT WITH PROFESSIONAL/CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, Florida Bar Association, Women's Clubs, Rotary, Kiwanis - business organizations, etc.)

  5. LEADERSHIP ROLES IN THE COMMUNITY: (e.g., spearheading a local project, serving as an officer in a professional/civic organization, or serving in an organization that relates to your career field, etc.)

  6. OTHER: (e.g., unspecified outstanding contributions to the wellbeing of Okaloosa County women, awards, notable "firsts" for women, etc.)


3. Nominee Photograph

Must be a digital, high quality/high-resolution JPG OR PNG HEADSHOT of your nominee. NO PDF'S.



Thank you for nominating a woman who has made a difference in your life or business!


Be sure to mark your calendar for the

Ceremony & Reception on August 23 at the

Destin-Fort Walton Beach Convention Center

There will be special seating for honorees!

Please arrive by 9:45am. Guests are welcome!

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